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Sinus Relief during the Winter

If you are one of those people who are a martyr to their sinuses in cold weather it is time to take action! As the nights get longer and humanity crowds together in warm places viruses can spread easily from one to another causing chesty coughs and colds, exacerbating allergies and initiating nasal congestion.

Untreated nasal congestion can easily spread to the sinuses, causing severe pain in and around the eyes, forehead and cheek bones. This happens when the delicate sinus linings become inflamed and swell, blocking the passage of mucus and building up pressure in the sinus. It is this pressure that causes the worst of the pain, although sinus infections can also present with fever, headache and a blocked nose.

Sinus relief during the winter is available. Sudafed products contain active ingredients such as phenylephrine, proven to alleviate congestion. They work by restricting the blood vessels and reducing the inflammation in the sinuses which relieves the internal pressure and permits the mucus to drain freely. These products can also work on allergic inflammation as the presentation of the reaction is generally swelling and inflammation.

Sudafed provides an online source of sinus information and their products are available in a range of formats from tablets or capsules, to syrups to sprays, even nasal sprays which can be applied to the problem area for fast and effective relief.

While the sinus relief products work to help you get back to some normality, why not follow some of these helpful hints and tips:

1. Keep your fluid levels up, water is great, but green tea adds antioxidants to your system, helping to flush out your system.

2. Capsaicin is found in spicy chili-peppers and is wonderful for boosting health and is believed to reduce the thickness of chest mucus.

3. Eat healthily, fresh fruit and vegetables tend to be low in calories, but high in essential vitamins that can help reduce the duration of viral infection.

4. Gargling with salt water or breathing in steam can help to relieve sore throats and chesty symptoms. The latter can have a drop or two of your favourite essential oil in it for fragrant relief.

Sudafed products are available in most supermarkets and pharmacies; be sure your medicine cupboard is well-stocked with cold and flu remedies, decongestants and painkillers – all that might be needed to keep your family safe and comfortable - this winter.