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Claim Back PPI

Payment Protection Insurance exists within many separate loan, mortgage, or credit card financial plans.  Unfortunately, there are thousands of citizens within the United Kingdom which have been misled in believing that PPI is compulsory.  Some are not even aware they have it, resulting in higher payments.  Although PPI misselling has been happening for more than a decade now, newer regulations have already helped countless individuals claim against this misrepresentation and have placed much-needed cash back into their pockets.  You can make life a little bit easier again when you claim back PPI with iSmart.

Should you believe they were missold PPI, the claims process can be quite confusing. This is a primary reason why many haven’t persevered in their efforts.  Many now instead choose to use reputable third party companies which specialise in this field.  This saves time, energy and money.  There are some important factors to consider which are addressed from the onset of our claims process.

One of the most important misconceptions it that if an account is closed then there is little the consumer can do to rectify previous funds which may have potentially been lost.  This is not the case and in fact, many have claimed thousands back regardless of how long their accounts have been closed.

Negotiating with banks and lenders can be notoriously difficult, if not impossible.  The banks are well-aware of this; assuming that the average consumer simply does not have enough information to viably pursue any remunerative actions for PPI.  iSmart employs highly experienced professionals who understand the intricacies when speaking to an institution on a client's behalf.

Misselling techniques may have occurred at any time along the initial loan application process.  For this reason, especially if a loan or mortgage was approved some time ago, the consumer may be unaware of how exactly PPI was included.  It is essential to pick a company that has years of experience in determining the conditions under which a claimant has the ability to pursue a particular case.

A final factor to appreciate is that during the entire claims process, there are no fees and no initial costs.  The policy here relies on a no-win, no-pay basis. The client can rest assured that no more money is being spent out-of-pocket for a Payment Protection Plan they did not want or need to begin with.

In these difficult economic times, the adept consumer needs to be fully aware of how his or her money has been spent.  Although the banks and insurance lenders may claim otherwise, there are still billions of unclaimed funds waiting to be addressed should an individual be made aware of their existence. All it takes is a simple phone call to the claims enquiries department to speak with a qualified representative who will be happy to answer any questions which may arise.  If you have been missold Payment Protection Insurance, you have every right to be financially compensated.